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Paper Color has grown over its nearly 5 years history to provide and manufacture 3D pop-up cards with many customers over 30 countries in the world, focusing on North America and Europe.

Nguyen Ken & Ngan Le

2016 having a lecture about how to sell successfully international market for more than 100 enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam organized by Alibaba Group.

2019 being one of the 5 best projects representing Vietnam to attend the Women Entrepreneur Week event in Switzerland organized by the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program.

Appearing on the Startup Coffee VTV1 - the national television channel in Vietnam and many other programs as one of the successful Startup brands in the greeting card industry today.

2017 winning “The Best Startup Project” in the "Funding Arena" event organized by Business Startup Support Center.

Corporate Highlights

Having over 500 designs OEM design with a lot of categories such as Christmas, Birthday, Vehicle, Animal... 

Exported more than 30 Countries in the world 


Paper Color is an international manufacturer and distributor of quality pop up card. Founded in 2014, we have found to develop close relationships with our customers. With well-experienced in design, development and application of pop up cards, we do have the ability to complete designs quickly and efficiently. On the basis of semi-finished products and prototypes in stable and reliable design, Paper Color can provide customers with rapid designs and professional solutions to meet their requirements. All products meet standards of safety production, quality inspection and a variety of certificates can be provided as required.


Founded in 2014

Production Base

Being a provider and manufacturer to the global pop up card sector, Paper Color identifies itself the need for lean and efficient completion of each project.

In order to stand for our promise to the customer for quick delivery times and flexible service, we own a production factory in the suburbs. Our Head Office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where its main design activity creates, to send the latest items to the factory. The factory includes production facilities, laser-cut machines and logistics centre. The total land covers an area of 1,000 sqm. respectively. We have been investing to develop a lean production scheme and a grid of systems to both optimise procedures and create an efficient and safe working environment. That is the reason why our production capacity is up to 40,000 pieces per month.

We are proactive from design to production

From designing until making the final product, Paper Color doesn’t need to have any intermediaries since we own our own factory. So the price we offer you will be extremely competitive. Moreover, we have a talented design team and skilled workers so it is easy to meet all your demands and orders with the best quality but still have the best price on the market.

From making the design layout for laser cutting to assembling the 3D sculptures inside, our production team follows a strict process to deliver the highest quality products to you. There are standards in every process, even if our workers assemble pieces that are within the standard design, there will always be some variations. At the final step, any defective products are immediately replaced by the QA Testing team. Paper Color believes in filling our company with quality pieces that you love and that are made with their sentiment and talent. 

Our teams follow a strict process

Our teams follow a strict process

High quality art papers that are imported from the international market such as Japan, Korea will ensure that colors are shown off in their best light and provides good performance when exhibiting prints. They also help to prevent items from being glued, having a glossy motion and being bent at the edges of the card.

We enforce quality control measures throughout each stage of our production process. There are many specifications to carefully monitor such as color, the cutting of the paper stock and the quality of the embossing.

From the initial manufacturing of our personal and business greeting cards to the actual production of orders, and finally to the packing and shipping of the product, we are constantly on the lookout for cards that fail to meet our high standards. The care and pride we take in identifying printing inconsistencies or other imperfections ensure that our customers receive the finest personalized greeting cards available.

High Quality Products

We carefully choose our materials to deliver the best results. 

Design team

Our design team combines imagination with collaboration and craftsmanship to develop thoughtful, elegant design. We work to infuse human-centered design throughout Paper Color, creating a beautiful, functional product that's used by a lot of people across the globe. This young and talented team rejuvenates our product every year. They create at least 3 new designs per month and provide many custom design templates according to customer's requirements. The designers draw, paint, digitally create or make designs from scratch in other creative ways. Therefore, we own a lot of exclusive designs that customers have never seen before in the market. 

To bring the best service for all, we’ve registered our copyright designs in the US and Europe so customers are comfortable to use them without copyright infringement. Moreover, one of the special things we make for our lovely customers is that they can decide proactively what the next design every month. Because we understand that they are the people who understand the market they are trading in more than us. This will be a great opportunity for them to create competitive advantages in the market.

Sales team

Helping our customers drive sales growth is our priority and our specialty. Our sales team of dedicated professionals work with them to create the best designs that fit their business goals by providing stellar service and creative solutions. We have designed responsive policies that allow them to sell and distribute our products easier. We ensure that our customers can take full advantage of our products that offer huge potential for increased sales.

Through a series of planned team building events that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution. These team building activity ideas help to facilitate long term team building through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, and processing. Our company has many diverse activities according to festivals and holidays to connect staff members easier.

and other activities

Team building

Team building

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