Hi guys! Do you agree with us that animals are a gift of nature to us. It will be hard to imagine life without animals. Therefore, Paper Color has always dreamed of putting our passion for animals into our 3D pop up card. And it was great and exciting when we welcomed some lovely animal friends to join our family. All of them are very lovely and interesting, so we asked the co-workers around to vote for the most impressive one and the followings are their responses.

Cats and Sofa card - voted by Tuyet, Creator

When I was little, I took a deep love for cat and now I am still. That's why I can not take my eyes off this pop up design from the first time I saw it. It evokes a sense of freedom and joy because cat loves to play around sofa, they can not be separated. It's coming to my daughter's birthday and I'm sure she'll be jumping for joy when seeing this gift, because she likes cat just like me.


Posted by Author | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Crocodile Cartoon pop up card - loved by Phuong, Sale Staff

Actually, I'm not a big fan of crocodile, but when I saw this design, I just wanted to take it and look at it all time. It's really eye-catching and lively, just like a real crocodile of the Nile river straying into our work space. If you want to touch a crocodile but a scary, then okay, I think this one can be replaced well, so that you can hug it or even kiss it.

Seahorse pop up card - liked by Trang, Sale Staff

I have never seen seahorses with my own eyes so I am really curious about them. This design surprised and delighted me not only because of its beauty but also its hidden meaning. Inside the card, a family of seahorses, consisting of a father and three children gathered together in a colorful coral reef. An interesting image that is reminiscent of the years when my siblings and I were just little kids, we always gravitate to our father in all places. This will be an interesting gift for my dad on his birthday or Father's Day, I’m sure.

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