Paper cards including flat and 3D pop up cards are often used to gift people on occasions including Christmas, birthday or any events for the act of congratulating.

Along with the development in society, people thought that 3D pop-up handmade cards and flat cards are possibly losing its popularity among the digital world as people could take advantage of photoshop skills to make their own cards and gift to their friends or family via mail.

However, it is a false judgement; handmade cards, especially 3D pop-up Christmas cards and 3D pop up greeting cards still strongly gain people’s interest on the holidays for some of the following reasons.

Its ability to bring emotions to people

There are a variety of templates to create your own cards with the help of internet. You just need to pull and drop different features to generate your own cards, write some notes by means of different fonts and send it by one click. 

Nonetheless, the receiver cannot feel anything rather than looking at their screens and write back some words to say “Thanks”.

Replacing it by a real paper card, absolutely it will create the feeling of curiosity for the receiver when holding the card on hand and the emotional feeling when they see the wish note is written by their loved ones’ handwriting. 
Great for decoration purposes

A creative use of paper cards after receiving it from your friends or your family is for decoration. If you find that your table at the office is empty regardless of a PC and a pile of documents.

You could fill in the space with a handmade card featuring typical handwriting from your loved ones, it will absolutely make your day worthwhile.

Additionally, it would be more impressive if the card is a 3D pop up card and, if you are on the track of preparation for upcoming Christmas time, a Christmas tree pop up card will never be a bad idea at all.


Posted by Author | Friday 27th March 2020

The feeling of ownership

A card made in the virtual world cannot bring you the feeling of possession. Imagine if you want to make a collection of 3D animal pop up cards then obviously you would prefer to go every corner of your city to find a realistic animal card rather than spending time collecting it online.

In case your friends come by, you could enthusiastically introduce to them your new collection, tell them each story within a card you have collected. 

The presence as a form of art

Every handmade card is a real artwork, it takes time and effort to make a card and, each separate card will have its own soul representing the person who created the card.

For instance, to make a 3D pop-up card, it requires you to come up with an idea, draw the design, manually convert paper into small bars in accordance with the design then form them into 3D shapes.

Unlike this, digital card will be made by the use of advanced technology. Literally, it cannot bring the feeling like holding a handmade card on hand and being curious about what is inside the card.

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